My Top 10 Favorite Youtubers!

Hello Hunnies,

So in todays blog I was inspired by Julia – The Honey House blog post she did a little while back on her favorite 10 youtubers. Now she may not have been the first person to create this but it’s the only blog post I read about this and saw so with that been said I am just going to get into it, and I also want to quickly mention these youtubers I am going to mentioning is mostly beauty and daily vloggers but there not well known as Zoella or Joe Sugg or Tati because of course their are many people’s favorites and I want to introduce you to some what you may not have heard of or you may have.

  1. So my first favorite has to be Imogenation, Now she hasn’t been on youtube for very long however she’s quickly become on of my favorites. She mainly does beauty but she also does blogs and advice videos which is so helpful and not only that she’s herself and you can tell that she’s herself, she’s so loving and caring and a little bit crazy but I love it. She put’s out like an hour vlog or a 40 minute video, you know she’s the only person I actually don’t get bored of seeing and watching her videos because it’s legit like watching a friend, because she is 100% herself. So give her a watch.
  2. Next is Imogenation’s best friend Holly Boon, their both so different but the same at the same time. Holly is more of a beauty guru I would say, she does vlogs too but she’s more full on in beauty and I absolutely love how she does her makeup. What I also love she doesn’t make her tutorials complicated she is very easy to watch and learn so if your into that sort of thing then Holly is your girl!
  3. This girl has to be one of the youngest girl I subscribe too and she is called Caitlin Morgan, she is only 14 year old but I am telling you she looks so much older, acts a lot older like I was genuinely surprised of how old she was. She does more of beauty videos and she is so talented at it like when I was 14 girl I was no where near as good as her. That isn’t the only reason I like her one of the biggest reasons is she is so funny like not even joking I can’t take her seriously she is that funny. She is definitely worth the subscribe in my opinion.
  4. My number one favorite vlogger is Rosanna Pierce, she does bi-weekly vlogs and she makes her vlogs so interesting like I can sit and watch even when she is just chatting away I still enjoy it. It’s very rare that I watch every single vlog what there come out with but I tell you I watch all of her vlogs so check her out if you want to watch new vloggers and your not already watching her go check her out.
  5. Another vlogger/prankster is Ashley Ortega, she does pranks, vlogs and challenge videos so she is something different from beauty. I honestly love watching her videos, I mean I wouldn’t have ever tasted cheesy scrambled egg if it wasn’t for her haha but seriously if you want to mix it up from beauty then she is definitely worth the watch.
  6. Next is Sophdoesnails, her channel is mainly to do with beauty. She’s so good at what she does and also she is no complicated beauty guru she’s pretty strait forward which I love. Also, her channel is more around drugstore products so if you like more affordable products and reviews then her channel is worth a watch.
  7. Emmas Rectangle is another good beauty vlogger, she’s good friends with sophdoesnails so their both very similar within interests and stuff but have different content which is nice. She does stuff like prom week, drug store week and stuff like that which I really like the idea of.
  8. Something a bit different if you like a story teller then Channon Rose has your back. She does some funny, crazy and scary story times and I absolutely love them, and honestly she is so genuine with them, non of what she says is a lie so that’s something I love about and also she has 3 channels I believe, I have only linked one she has her main one, vlog one, and a beauty one so she’s a very hardworking girl haha go give her some love.
  9. Another beauty vlogger now is Jamie Genevieve, she is all about beauty and I have personally learned a lot from her. She has a beautiful Scottish accent so if you like Scottish accents then she is a good one too watch haha. Apart from that though she has very  similar taste in what I like with her warm makeup tutorials but she also does some fun ones so it’s not all the same.
  10. Last is a new recent one, Emma Fleming. She does beauty too, however she is more new and not as advance as everyone else but she still does some good content and I don’t know about you I like been a subscriber too someone who is not known by the world of youtube yet so if you like that too then she’s you girl.

So that concludes today’s blog, and some of my favorite vloggers. Give this blog a like and a follow if you want to see more and comment your blogs so I can have a little nosey on yours and give you support!

New blog every Sunday 6PM and Thursday 7PM UK Time.

Goodbye for now.




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