Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Review And Swatches!

Hello Lovelies,

So todays blog is very exciting, I am going to review and swatch the whole original collection of the sleek matte me lip creams and there is 10 shades in total all ranging from nudes to loud! All 10 shades is £4.99 each, so a very affordable price and there is a shade what suits everyone. Sleek is one of my favourite brands from the drugstore, I would highly check them out.

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored for this blog post, I bought all of these shades out of my own money and all my opinions are my own. Also, there is swatches with flash and non flash however not all the lip creams have dried down but I can assure you they are 100% matte.

So let’s get into it…


So first shade is Petal and it’s a nice soft baby pink, this would suit more of the paler girls out there as it would be more of a nude but you could always work with this shade if your a deeper skin tone.


Next is Birthday Suit, this is a well known product along youtube. It’s a perfect neutral shade for everybody. It has more of an orange undertone instead of a pink undertone like petal. This product is my go to lip shade goes with absolutely everything.


Next is Bittersweet, this is a very summer shade I actually featured this in my most recent blog. It reminds of a watermelon shade I know random but it does in person. It’s that perfect coral red toned shade if that makes sense haha.


This is another one of my favorites, and its Shabby Chic this is a grey toned nude. It is actually something different to what I own because of the undertone and I do feel this will go with a lot of skin tones too.


Onto the purple tones, and this is Velvet Slipper. This is a nice purple, where it isn’t too dramatic but it’s just that perfect something. Gorgeous for more deep skin tones as well as pale.


This is the deepest purple and it’s called Vino Tinto, this looks super patchy but I promise it looks beautiful on the lips. This is a perfect autumn shade, it’s very berry undertone so if you like your deep purples then this is the shade for you.


Onto the reds, this one is called Rioja Red. This was really hard to find every time I went to boots or superdrug to order it was always sold out however out of the 3 reds sleek has this one is definitely my most favorite. It’s a very bright red with orange undertone, sometimes it could be hit or miss but this shade is definitely a hit with me. It would look stunning on paler skin but also could work with a deeper skintone.


This is called Fired Up, the name speaks for itself. This is a very true deep red what will suit anybody. What I love about this shade is you could where it day time or night time and it will still look good and still suit your style. It isn’t patchy and it’s easy to work with color.


This is Old Hollywood, again the name speaks for itself. This is a very deep red and has more of that berry undertone which I enjoy. It’s a classic, this will suit everybody from very pale to very dark. I like to wear this with a very neutral eye or a wing as this lip product will make your makeup look very glam with little effort.


Lastly, is Fandango Purple now this is a pop of color against the rest of the shades. This is definitely a hybrid between purple and pink, it’s got a lot of pink undertone to it. When I saw this in the packaging not going to lie I thought I would never wear it, it’s way to bright and loud however I was so wrong! I have worn this a few times and I have loved it. I can imagine this will look stunning on more deeper skin tones actually, but also goes well with pale skin tones.

I just want to say that this matte lip cream all have a smooth texture, full coverage and long lasting so if you want an affordable liquid lipstick then these are definitely something to look into.

All 10 Shades

So that concludes todays blog, I hope you enjoyed it. What was your favorite shade?

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