May 2017 Beauty Favourites!

Hello Hunnies,

So today we have a very long blog but I am going to try and keep it sweet and short lets see how well this goes haha. So in today’s blog I am going to be showing you my favourite products of this month and firstly, how quick has may gone! Well 2017. Anyway lets see what made the cut this month….


So firstly, I don’t normally talk about fake tans but this year I’ve been getting really into it and my favourite fake tan of all time is the Bondi Sands self tanning foam in light/medium. I absolutely love that a brand has brought out a choice of a lighter tanner just simply because with me been so pale I wanted to look a little more natural instead of going from super pale to super dark however hopefully one day I will try ultra dark in this because it looks absolutely stunning. I’m not going to go in too deep because I’m going to a review on this in a separate post with before and after pictures. So keep an eye out for that.



So this is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I got the shades N51 light vanilla and N56 light bronze (I’m going to leave swatches at the bottom of the blog). So this foundation has been a favourite for a long time it’s made it too my blog a few times however through the winter I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I was reaching for more full coverage foundations but through spring this foundation has been a must. It’s gave me the coverage I need, it’s very lightweight, it looks very healthy on the ski, and the shade range is s really good for me… it’s very yellow toned and that’s the tone I like all my foundations too be.


Next, is the Freedome Pro Brow Pomade and I got mine in medium brown. I use to switch out between this and the nyx I’ve talked about however I actually really enjoy this a lot more maybe because I recently dyed my hair darker and this matches me better. However, this brow pomade is only £5 and it has a very soft texture to it, easy to work with and the shade range is really good. This month especially all I’ve been going for is this, it’s definitely worth buying.


So this is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, this is something I didn’t know whether to put in or not because I just had a love hate relationship with it. The shade range isn’t the best, I got 010 ivory and to be honest it isn’t the brightest, it hasn’t got much coverage too it and I don’t know about this as far as it been a concealer because I remember loving it a few years ago haha but saying that I have tried other concealers since. So I have found a place for it, as an eye primer you can use any concealer to be your eye primer but this has such a thin consistency and it does manage too cover as much as it needs too on my eyelids and it’s actually worked wonders for that purpose and I really enjoyed that.


Another favourite this month is the Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in monaco. This I like to put underneath my foundation to give that glow to my foundation. You can use this product the way I do underneath my foundation, or you can mix it in your foundation or you could use it to highlight. This shade is absolutely stunning, I’ve literally gone through the whole bottle this month and it’s definitely on my re-purchase list.


So another highlighter of this month, I’m all for that glow and the L’Oreal True Match Illuminator in icy glow has made it to this months favourites. I like to apply this on a wet beauty sponge and apply to my cheekbones, nose and my nose. It gives a perfect base for your powder highlights however this is absolutely stunning on its own. I have the pinkish undertone highlighter because that goes well with my skin tone but you can’t really notice once its applied to the skin however there do a more bronze undertone for deeper complexions.


This is the NYX Dewy Setting Spray, this is definitely something I’ve been setting my makeup with every time I wear makeup and I have to say I have noticed the difference in the longevity of my makeup. This is so affordable as well, and there do a matte finish if you want to check to try that out.


Last but certainly not least is another NYX product and its the NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick in bedtime flirt. This is something I’ve been wearing a lot lately, it’s just that perfect nude anybody could wear and what goes with absolutely everything and not only that it’s really comfortable on the lips which is a plus!!



So this concludes May’s favourites, what was your favourite of this month?

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